It’s a trend which has often been viewed with wariness and judgment. Some have put it down to productivity culture, while a recent opinion piece in the Guardian chastised “generation sensible” for trying to “self-maximise all the time”. The article goes on, “all the joy in life, all the beauty, is going to come from sex, fellowship, revolution and the life of the mind. They start in a pub.” Questionable, if not slightly patronising, advice.

reasons to be sober

By giving up alcohol entirely, you can focus on what really matters. Get that project done you’ve always wanted to complete. You won’t have to worry about making impaired judgment calls because nothing will be impairing you. Even if you consider yourself a responsible drinker, everyone has those nights when they do something unexpected that they later regret. One of the true downsides of alcohol is that it impairs your judgment — badly. You may find yourself doing things you would never expect of your sober self, such as getting into a fight with a friend or jumping behind the wheel of a car you can’t safely operate.

Reasons to Stay Sober

One of the reasons many people hesitate about living a sober life is that they fear they will be missing out on things. There is a lie that too many people have bought into that drugs or alcohol are a necessary way to have fun. If anything, substance abuse is what causes us to miss out on opportunities in life, not sobriety. The negative physical effects of substance abuse can also be more subtle. The dehydrating effects of many substances can result in headaches, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and fatigue.

There are a million reasons to get sober, whether you quit drugs and alcohol to boost your mental health or for some other purpose, your brain and your emotions are bound to benefit. In this article we’ll explore the connection between mental health and substance use recovery, and detail some reasons you’ll want to pursue sobriety. Step meetings help reinforce sobriety through a peer network of like-minded individuals, all working to overcome addiction.

Health Benefits of Sobriety

I believe that doing the work is directly tied to commitment. It’s the same with anything that’s hard to do, like getting in shape or eating better. So towards the end when I managed to put together two and three-month stretches of sobriety, I’d always screw up and drink again. You have to do the work of healing whatever damage drives your drinking. I didn’t want the label because I didn’t want the problem. I didn’t want to sit in some dank church basement and say, “I’m an alcoholic.” I didn’t want anything to do with that community.

reasons to be sober

You can also revisit an old hobby you once had, whether that’s playing a musical instrument or making art. Drinking less will give you more time to pursue these passion projects in general and can pave the way to help you find new hobbies and interests. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking. Shame is having negative beliefs about yourself and your self-worth. Guilt is having negative feelings about your past behavior. People in recovery can experience a lot of shame simply for having become addicted in the first place.

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