Living Clean! 7 Awesome Reasons for Getting Sober Page 1 of 0

Content Reasons to Stay Sober Health Benefits of Sobriety Surround yourself with people who support you Reasons Why You Should Get Clean and Sober During the Summer: No. 1 — You’ll Feel Better The Importance of Boundaries in Addiction Recovery It’s a trend which has often been viewed with wariness and judgment. Some have put […]

Long-term alcohol consumption alters dorsal striatal dopamine release and regulation by D2 dopamine receptors in rhesus macaques Neuropsychopharmacology

Content Alcohol and Dopamine Behavioral and neurobiological consequences of altered dopamine signaling Alcohol-Induced Thiamine Deficiency Dopamine and Alcohol Dependence: From Bench to Clinic Investigations of the underlying dopaminergic mechanisms involved during the development and maintenance of alcohol dependence could identify novel targets. Human and rodent experimental studies show that dopamine receptor antagonists, agonists and partial […]

Sober Living House in Massachusetts

Content Our Homes The Difference Between Halfway House and Sober House Addiction Recovery Resources EMH Recovery Inc Edwina Martin Recovery House For Technical Support with the Website: Sober houses in Worcester County and elsewhere are important for addiction recovery. Studies show people who attend sober living are more likely to succeed in long-term recovery. At […]

10 Inspirational Quotes About Alcoholism Treatment

Content Hilarious and insightful alcohol quotes Funny Alcohol Quotes To Get Tipsy Liz Hemingway, “I Need To Stop Drinking!” For Alcohol Use Disorder, Psychedelics Plus Talk Therapy Cuts Heavy Drinking Days by 83 Percent, Study Shows Alcoholism Quotes Flashcards Preview Caroline Knapp, “Drinking: A Love Story” Those in addiction recovery work to accept the parts […]